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Welcome to K6DGE's student ham website! We are 4th and 5th grade students at Dorothy Grant Elementary School in Fontana, CA, and we are exploring the world of amateur radio with our teacher Ms. Matheson. We will be learning about communication and wireless technology and how it affects our lives and the world we live in. With the help of a verticle antenna placed outside our classroom, we will make contacts to other hams using an ICOM IC-746PRO transceiver and a YAESU FT-60 handheld transceiver. We hope to make contacts with other hams both locally and throughout the world!

DGES ARC History

Dorothy Grant Elementary School Amateur Radio Club (DGES ARC), was founded on October 27, 2012. The FCC issued our initial call sign, KK6APQ, on November 6, 2012. A few weeks later we received our vanity call sign, K6DGE. Ms. Matheson, KJ6RSX, is the President, Treasurer, and Secretary. David Collingham, K3LP, is the Vice- President and the K6DGE License Trustee. 

The Purpose of Our Club Is To:

  • Promote community-wide understanding of amateur radio communications.
  • Promote interest and proficiency in the use of amateur radio communications.
  • Conduct activities and programs to advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in our community.
  • Help students learn necessary skills for obtaining an FCC license.
  • Help students to enhance reading, writing, mathematics, geography and communications skills.
  • Help students learn about electronics and radio communication techniques.
  • Have fun with Amateur Radio!   

News Flash

Read about our club in the ARRL Digital Newsletter

DGE ARC in the News

You can also visit:


 to learn more about our club and other projects that are developing with David Collingham and student hams around the world!

Other Useful Sites

ARRL Youth


Flag Project Video.



ARISS 2014



Students make nearly 100 QSO's since returning from Winter Break!

Go to OUR JOURNAL to learn more!

We would like to proudly recognize those who have so generously supported our club!

David Collingham, K3LP

K6DGE Club Video

Thank you Ray Novak, N9JA, of ICOM, for sending Julian Frost, N3JT, to film a short video documentary about DGE Amateur Radio Club.

Spring 2014

FCC Technician Class License Holders

Congratulations to our newest DGE ARC Technician Class license holders! You worked very hard to earn your license and we are very proud of you!

Bob Grimmick for his generous donation and installation of a Strike Force 3 Beam antenna and radio!

Bill Scholz, W1HIJ for programming a TDX-ONE TD-Q8 2-meter radio for one of our new technicians. This radio was not the easiest to figure out, but with his persistence and expertise, he was able to get this radio ready to use. Your kindness is truly appreciated!

 Ham Radio in Education

Ham radio education is an exciting and motivating way to develop language arts and math skills. It is also a great way to explore geography, science, technology, and communication.

(front row) Naomi Jimenez KK6LCB, Ashlyn Goulet KK6LCI, Savannah Bustamante KK6LCQ, Saylin Gamez KK6LCC, Jordan Alvarez KK6LCK, Genevieve Aure KK6LCM, Angie Ceja-Bustamante KK6LCL, Alex Cabunoc KK6LCH.

(back row) Anthony Striegel KK6LCF, Audrey Ramirez KK6LCJ, Genesis Valdez KK6LCA, Leah Trinh KK6LCE, Wes Lassiter KK6LCG, Mathew Luna KK6LCN, John Mendoza KK6LCV, Pablo Zeledon KK6LCO, Jacob Harper KK6LZB.

(not shown) Mikayla O'Brien KK6LCD and Armando Briseno KK6LCP.

Fall 2013

FCC Technician Class License Holders

DEG ARC students present their club K6DGE to the Superintendent and School Board of Fontana Unified School District. What an exciting event for both the students and parents!


Students present DGE Amateur Radio Club to the Fontana Unified School District Board of Education

Teacher Bev Matheson WA6BK, Maribel Laguna KK6IGY, Laisha Vegarra KK6HZH, Belal Al-Sabbagh KK6HZI, Principal Anne Marie Cabrales. (not shown) Joel Cerda KK6HZD.

Flag Project 2013

Jay Kobelin, W2IJ, will be leaving for Banaba in late October. A flag created by our class of 4th graders will be accompaning him on this trip. We will follow our flag's journey, calculate how far it travels, and learn about the island and people of Banaba. Hopefully our flag will make a few people smile as it travels to the Central Pacific!

Students present Jay with our flag for him to take to Banaba on his trip this October. We hope our kindness IS contagious!
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 Kids in Communication

David Collingham, K3LP comes to DGE ARC and helps students make over 60 contacts!! Check out more on the DGE Fall Field Day 2014 tab!                 


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