June 21, 2014 was Kid's Day for amateur radio. It is an event designed to promote Amateur Radio to our youth. It is a time when we can share the excitement of this hobby with kids by giving them an on-the-air experience that will foster their interest in getting involved with radio and possibly getting a license of their own.

We were very excited to have Arnie Schatz N6HC, back with us again this year. He brought two other operators with him, Tim Goeppinger N6GP and Cass Kazmierkiewicz W6SQC to work the radio with the students and to demonstrate Morse Code. We were also fortunate to have Eric Archer N6CV, to work with students on the radio.

Students had a lot of fun getting on the air and playing secret message games with the key. Thank you guys for volunteering your time and expertise and providing these kids with the opportunity to explore the wold of radio!

Welcome to Kid's Day 2014!

Follow the signs.

Tim Goeppinger N6GP and Cass Kazmierkiew W6SQC talk to the students before they make a call.

Arnie Schatz N6HC assisting students on the radio.

Students gather around with headphones listening to contacts being made.

Students tap out secret words using Morse Code to try and stump our experts.

Eric Archer,N6CV assists students as they make calls on the radio.

Emily shows her younger sister her calling technique.

 Wes, KK6LCG, operates the radio and shows his grand parents how it works.

Jaiden and his mom listen as other students make contacts.

Jaiden, 5 years old, uses the radio for the first time.

Students use the map to locate the states where contacts were made.

Maribel, KK6IGY, shows her brother Abel the proper technique for making a call.

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